VW's Over Memphis - Oct 9 - postponed til 2011

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VW's Over Memphis - Oct 9 - postponed til 2011

Post  Noh2o on Thu 26 Aug 2010, 3:20 pm

I heard some of you talking about going to the memphis show this year. It has been postponed.


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Re: VW's Over Memphis - Oct 9 - postponed til 2011

Post  jmcder53 on Sun 29 Aug 2010, 10:57 pm

i'm in the midsouthvw club and this is part of the email.

"we are SKIPPING the 2010 VWs Over Memphis VW car show. However we do plan continue with the show in October 2011.

This will provide time to fallback, "regroup, rethink & recreate" our club's annual car show. We need to do better. Our show registrations have been spiraling down the last 2 years. It could be the economy, the location, a loss of interest, or most likely a combination of these and other things. And... the management of our current site is really not at all helpful or even timely. We still don't have a signed lease
I hope you will support us in this decision. We need your help to plan and execute a higher quality event for 2011. We need realistic suggestions too; ones that we can sink our teeth into; perhaps ones that you are even willing to help make a reality. "

from what i've seen, there is a volunteer signup sheet to help the day of the show. alot of times either people don't sign up, or they sign up and are a no-show, then all the jobs fall back on 1 or 2 key people.

maybe anyone can offer some ideas i can pass along at the next chapter meeting???

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